Top 5 Keyword Research Tools (Free & Paid) 2020

Keyword Research

Keywords aren’t something that you can take for granted if you are on the website or blog business. Keywords are the most important thing to gain traffic to your site and they will be ultimately responsible for the success of your blog or website. 

Keyword Research Tools

But some people find it difficult to find the perfect keywords for their content and that’s where keyword research tools comes in handy. And we have gathered up the 5 best keyword research tools for that that will help you to get consistent traffic on your site. 

1 soolve 


Soolve is exactly what a blogger can need and depend upon for getting the best keywords for their content. It’s one of the best keyword research tool out there which is used by millions of people across the globe everyday. The reason why it is popular is, soolve suggests keywords from multiple sources like google, bing, YouTube and so on. 

The best thing about this keyword research tool is that it gets you untapped keywords, that means they are fresh and unknown to most people and that you can get better traffic than your rivals. The tool also provides you simple easy to use drag and drop mechanism through which you can easily save or download your favorite keywords. 

2 Jaaxy

Jaaxy is another favorite keyword research tool of bloggers nowadays. And it has been appreciated by many people for finding them some effective keywords for their respective content. The tool vets you thousands of keywords within seconds so that you can choose the best among them and use them to get high traffic to your site. 

The best thing bout this keyword research tool is that it gets you some of the unique keywords and even gets you the ideas for using the keywords which would help you in the market research and competition. With each keyword, you will be provided with some significant data of how much it has been used and about its potential traffic and that way you use the best keywords. The tool has many other unique options that will help you lower your competition so that you get to be on number one! 

3 Google search console 

Google search console is another best tool for finding some useful keywords for your site. It may not be the traditional keyword research tool but it will definitely give you some of the best keywords that will help you generate more and more traffic. 

With this tool you can find opportunity keywords which will help you to get most clicks on your site, as a result, you will be on top. Google search console also gets you some data related to searches and other analysis of the keywords which will help you to better understand the keywords. Overall you can definitely trust this tool for your keywords! 

4 Aherfas Keywords Explorer

Aherfas keywords Explorer is definitely one of the best keyword research tool and that is why is becoming content creators favorite tool nowadays. It provides you more than thousand keyword suggestions. It also gets you accurate keyword difficulty score. 

With the help of Aherfas, you will get unique click metrics to improve your CTR. Overall you can rely on it get perfect keywords for your content. 

5 Secockpit 

Just give a seed keyword to Secockpit and you will get a whole new list of new and impressive keywords. The tool is used massively by the content creators worldwide and it surely something that can improve the traffic on your site with its great collection of keywords! 

So these are the best keyword research tools which you need to use if you are searching for some keywords. This post is submitted by Aamir ceo of questionsgems. Get all answer of your questions. 

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