Download Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems And Money 2019

Dragon City APK mod

Dragon City APK is one of the best games. It is very bright and colourful game. It is very own Summer Cup Party! Enjoy themed plays inside the game, including calendars full of rewards to special offers. Enjoy a full experience working on your Android phone or tablet, as well as on Facebook. Pc Gamer List

Dragon City APK

Dragon City APK latest version 8.8.1 Become the ultimate Dragon Master. Dragon City APK Mod download is one of the best playing Android games on your computer. Touch screen buttons can be so touchy and finicky at times if they even work correctly at all. No matter No issues, because let’s face it, a thing does happen, your dragons and game progress will always be safe.

Dragon city apk mod unlimited money is free to install & play. However, it requires micro bills to manage certain elements. Either that, otherwise you wait out sufficient time to get what you need. But, As I said Dragon City mod apk unlimited gems would give you everything free.

Dragon City APK latest

Dragon city apk mod download is one of the best simulation game available on Play store. It is a cute design where gamers will start a company that grows dragons and develops new types of flying people. It is to download but in this post, you will see mod apk of Dragon City mod apk download.

Join teams with other Dragon Masters in Alliances, communicate in the chat, participate in Alliance games, and unlock exclusive rewards.

Dragon City APK Features

  • Gain a complete collection; there are more than 100 extraordinary dragons available.
  • You will get Unlimited Money
  • New dragons and missions added every week.
  • Hundreds of available missions!
  • Provide them with shelter and food.
  • Breed and integrate ten kinds of dragons
  • Log in via your social networks to help your friends and offer them gifts.

Dragon City APK Mod File Information

  • License Free
  • File Size 95.0Mb
  • Android 4.0.3.
  • MD5: 84ce02f2f73afb33c33d10ffe5c1463b
  • SHA1: 5c16744f6969f0f65db24c227f7d74b9fca60f64
Dragon City APK latest version

Dragon City Cheats

  • Earth + Fire = Volcano/Fire Rock
  • Earth + Water = Mud/Waterfall
  • Earth + Nature = Cactus/Tropical
  • Earth + Electric = Star/Chameleon
  • Earth + Dark = Hedgehog/Venom
  • Earth + Ice = Alpine/Snowflake
  • Earth + Metal = Armadillo
  • Fire + Water = Cloud/Blizzard
  • Fire + Nature = Spicy/Firebird
  • Fire + Electric = Laser/Hot Metal
  • Fire + Dark = Vampire/Dark Fire
  • Fire + Ice = Cool Fire/Soccer
  • Fire + Metal = Medieval/Steampunk
  • Water + Nature = Nenufar/Coral
  • Water + Electric = Lantern Fish/Storm
  • Water + Dark = Pirate/Petroleum
  • Water + Ice = Ice Cube/Ice Cream
  • Water + Metal = Mercury/Seashell
  • Nature + Electric = Gummy
  • Nature + Dark = Rattle Snake/Carnivore Plant
  • Nature + Ice = Mojito/Dandelion
  • Nature + Metal= Jade/Dragon Fly
  • Electric + Dark = Neon
  • Electric + Ice = Florescent/Moose
  • Electric + Metal = Gold/Battery
  • Dark + Ice = Penguin
  • Dark + Metal = Zombie
  • Ice + Metal = Pearl/Platinum

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