5 Educational Computer Games for College Students

5 Educational Computer Games

Educational games are an excellent way to take a break from studying. As you know, college is not all about academic excellence. You also need to work on your mental wellness by taking well-deserved breaks. 

You can find a group of friends who play the same games as you do and spend quality time with them. There are so many educational games you can download for free and have the time of your life exploring new adventures. 

Aside from downloading games, you should also get online writing help for college students. There are so many professional writers out there that are ready to help you with your academic work. Trying to do it all by yourself is a bad idea because you’re likely to cave under the pressure. 

  1. Candy Crush Saga 

Well, you must be wondering how candy crush made it to this list, and as number one! Before I answer you, I’ve got to ask, do you have candy crush on your phone? If the answer is yes, then you know why it’s on this list. 

It might seem like you learn nothing from playing this game, but you do. Candy crush teaches you about resilience because, without it, you wouldn’t be on the level you are now. 

  1. Geoguessr

This game with a funny name is another educational game you should consider downloading. It comes with Google’s Maps Street View, and you’re to use these images to play the game. 

It involves guessing where you are based on the images Google provides. 

  1. Little Alchemy

Like candy crush, this game starts off easy, but it gets complex as you proceed to higher levels. In the beginning, you’ll be required to name basic elements which I’m sure you can do.

As you get to higher levels, the elements will get more difficult. If you’re a chemistry student, this is an excellent game as it jogs your memory.

The fact that the elements you need to name come randomly is even better. You’ll learn a lot when you use your free time to play this game. The game will give you hints when you get stuck for too long so that you don’t stay on a given level forever.

This online application is compatible with Android as well as iOS mobile devices. 

  1. Google Feud

Google to the rescue again! Google feud is a new game, but it has caught on pretty fast. As a student, you obviously use the internet a lot while researching and completing assignments. As you do that, you can take regular brakes to find out what this game is all about.

Google Feud is that it requires you to autocomplete searches. If you get the right answers, you earn points. Since you search for different topics, this shouldn’t be a hard game to play

  1. Multi-task 

Lastly, we have Multi-task, which is such a challenging game. As the name suggests, this game is about multi-tasking. The adrenaline you’ll get from this game will be like no other feeling you’ve experienced.

So how the games operates is, you’ll be playing multiple games on one screen, crazy right? What’s more, the mini-games get more, the higher you go which is just mind-blowing if you ask me. This is an excellent way of blowing off steam after a long week of assignments and meeting deadlines.

  1. Conclusion 

Now you have five amazing, educational games you can play during your free time. Make sure that you don’t spend all your time playing games and not studying. College is all about striking the perfect balance between your personal and academic life. 

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