5 Best Multiplayer Games For Pc To Play In 2020

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There is nothing better than having a game with your friends and just chilling out. Sure playing a game on single-player mode can be fun too, but again it can’t match the level of playing it with your friends. No matter you are playing in a competitive or cooperative mode it’s gonna be a fun ride. 

When you are playing on a multiplayer mode not only you can play with your friend’s bug you can also play with the people you don’t know in an online multiplayer mode. And anyway, it feels good to defeat a person than defeating the All. If you are a cricket fan then play these cricket games for pc here. 

The problem starts when you couldn’t find the perfect game to play with your friends, and that’s where we come to save you from the trouble of finding the best multiplayer game for PC! We have listed out the 5  best multiplayer games for PC which you can play with your friends and have a good time. 



There is no secret that PUBG has become one of the best multiplayer game is the decade. Everything about this game is best, be its gameplay or controls. The game took everyone by surprise when it was released and people were already crazy about it after a few days of its release! 

It can only be played in multiplayer mode, you will enter the game with 100 other players and you will have to survive till you remain the last one. The mission is simple, kill the other people before they kill you. It gives you a realistic feel and you will surely get addicted to it. As the game progress the safe area decreases, the motive is to get all the players in one place so that they can kill each other and win the game. We need not tell you more about this game, we can only say this game with the hype and appreciation it’s getting! 

2 Overwatch 


Overwatch is another great multiplayer game for PC, in this game you will team up with other 5 players making it a team of six and play the game to get your mission done. Each player has a unique style and strengths and they are provided with three missions which they will have to complete in a limited period of time. 

The game is all about teamwork and how they get things done and secure more and more points for their team. This multiplayer role-playing game features a first-person shooter gameplay. 

3 Dota 2 

If you are looking for an online battle arena multiplayer game then Dota 2 is the perfect choice.  The game features a battle between two teams of 5 players. During the game, players will gain experience points and items which will contribute to their success in the battlefield. The game has different levels and aspects and players will have to play as a team to win. 

4 Counter-strike: Global offensive 

Counter strike is another famous multiplayer game for pc. Where players engage in battle between two teams. It’s a first-person shooter game where players either plant the bomb or save the hostages. Kill your enemies before they kill you and lead your team to victory. 

5 Minecraft 

Minecraft is a famous multiplayer pc game which got a positive response from the critics and players as well. Its a sandbox, survival genre games where players will have to survive by gathering up resources, build resources and doing many other activities. 

So here our list of best multiplayer games for pc ends. So next time you are looking for a multiplayer game to play with your friends then you know which one to pick! For all new updates about software, apps, games just go to techiwar one of the top most amazing technology blog. 

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