10 Best Educational Apps for College Students 2020

Best Educational Apps

Every educational app out there has been designed with functionality and productivity in mind. Since college is so rigorous; students need tools that will help them achieve their goals without struggling too much. 

With the right set of apps, you can always be on top of things. This is important because your mental wellness depends on it. The reason why so many college students suffer from mental instability is because they have no idea how to manage their tasks. Imagine happing five assignments that are all due on the same date. 

There is no question about you needing a set of tools that help you expedite your tasks. If you cannot imagine your life without a smartphone, then I bet you know how important student apps are. These applications are lifesavers because they help you put your life in order. 

With such innovative applications, students can easily go above and beyond to make sure they achieve all their goals in college. With a simple click of a button, you can record an entire lecture if you feel too exhausted to write or type. Imagine such a convenience. 

Experts from Domyhomeworknow.com have compiled a list with top ten must-have educational apps you should definitely install in your phone.

  1. Spotify 

Did you know that music helps a lot with productivity and better study? Well, if you love to listen to music, you should definitely install Spotify. This app not only allows you to access a great collection of music, but it also recommends songs you should listen to.

  1. Google Drive 

If you’re part of a study group, all of the members should have a Google Drive account. This application helps you simultaneously work on an assignment without having to meet physically. This is excellent for group work because everyone can contribute to the assignment, and Google Drive will automatically save all the changes.

  1. Feedly 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have everything you need to know in one newsfeed? Feedly uses the social media format to keep you up to date with assignment deadlines and study times. You can easily plan your time to ensure you’re always ready for what is coming next.

  1. Evernote 

This is an all-in-one note-taking app that allows you to record your thoughts regardless of where you are. You need not worry about losing your line of thought. All you have to do is hit record and speak into your phone’s speaker.

  1. iHomework 

Wouldn’t it be great not to be caught by surprise with assignment deadlines? I bet it would be. Install iHomework and be on the safe side. You cannot always depend on your memory because it is natural for you to forget a few things. 

  1. Strava 

If you need company and motivation on your fitness journey, strava is your buddy. This app ensures that you stay fit as well as keep up with academic performance.

  1. Mint 

Financial literacy is very crucial in college. You can easily mess up your entire semester by shopping for things you don’t even need. Mint keeps you in check and ensures you can be financially comfortable throughout the semester.

  1. SelfControl 

Do you get distracted a lot when you’re studying? If so, then you might benefit from installing SelfControl.

  1. Disk Drill 

Are you always getting a popup message that says your computer’s internal storage cannot accommodate a given file? Disk Drill helps you manage your storage space so you always have room for more critical coursework material.

  1. Mailbird 

When you have more than one email account, keeping up with emails can be challenging. Let Mailbird do the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

  1. Conclusion 

As you can see, life with educational apps is much easier. 

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